Here is everything you need for our Tech Writing course


Issues with coding?
Wikidot Coding
W3Schools: "how to code for dummies"
Wikidot Tutorials on Youtube

D2L Course Content
Class Syllabus
The syllabus is a valuable resource, as it contains information for every assignment in this course, as well as a tentative course schedule, and guidelines for grading- among other information.
D2L Exercise Guidelines
The Exercise Guidelines are the backbone for the assignments that one will turn in throughout the semester. This guide gives explanatory pieces to what is required for each assignment.
Drop Boxes for Assignments
These are the drop boxes for all the assignments due for the fall 2018 semester.
Wiki Progress Report Guidelines
This guide will aid in writing a wiki progress report.
Class Lectures
In case you missed class, here are Professor Windholz's lectures.
Research Recommendation Report Guidelines
This guide will help when working on all aspects of your research report.
Oral Presentation
This sheet will allow you to prepare for the oral presentation during the final week of classes.
In case you need the course textbook…
University Bookstore
Practical Strategies: For Technical Commnication
From Chegg
Writing Examples
Memo Example
Job-Application Letter Example
Map of Campus
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